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The early American Greek Revival Spafford House at 27340 West River Road has been purchased by the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum, Inc. Constructed in 1823 on River Tact 64 of the Spafford Grant, it was the first frame home in the area. It became a home for Aurora (1791-1849) and Mary Jones Spafford (1791-1879) and seven children. 

Aurora had inherited half of the 160-acre family grant when his father, Amos, died in 1817. Amos was sent here by the United States government in 1810 to establish a river town, Port Miami of Lake Erie (Orleans), below the bluff where Fort Meigs was later located. The family was originally from New England and the two-story home reflects the architectural heritage, constructed 27' wide, 34' long and 20' high with six-over-six windows topped by a Palladian-style entablature.

The house was deserted for years until Andrew J. Keating began restoring it in the 1970s. New owner Frank Keating III continued the renovation and was required to move it a few feet southwest in 1991 when SR 65 was re-routed around Fort Meigs. PAHM assumed ownership in 2009 and restored the home to its original 19th century appearance.

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