Founding of the Museum

In 2001 Historic Perrysburg, Inc. encouraged and sponsored the creation of a group to investigate the formation of an area history museum. This was a cherished goal of board member Phyllis Morton, who spearheaded the formation of a group of interested citizens that eventually created the Perrysburg Area Historic Museum Inc. in 2002. After 5 years of renovation, the museum finally opened its doors on a pleasant sunny afternoon, June 28, 2014. State, County, and many local government representatives welcomed the opening, pledging support and citing its historical significance. Board members, as well as many other citizens, have contributed many interesting items of historical interest, saving them from becoming lost or simply relegated to the dustbin of history.


Our Board


        President:                        Judith P. Justus

       Vice President:                 Annette Sipp

       Secretary:                         Polly White

       Treasurer:                         Hallie Nagel  

       Campaign Fund:               Annette Sipp

       Library Liaison:                Richard Baranowski

Board Members

                 Don Carter                  Ted Weaver

                 Grant Garn                  Mark Weber

                 Cecilia Richardson     Hallie Nagel

                 Dave Thielman           Paula Haas

                 Jeff Oster                    Richard Kelsey

                 Chuck Stocking 



Honorary Board Members

                     Gary L. Franks     J.D. Justus